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Fibre Hygrostat RFHSS

  • Fibre Hygrostat. Senses the relative humidity, directly switching on a load e.g. a heater or dehumidifier, to prevent condensation in an enclosure
  • The unit operates in normally open (NO), dehumidifying mode. Contact closes on relative humidity rise
  • Wide input voltage range (24 – 230V)
  • Setting range adjustable in dented increments of 5%
  • Approvals CE, UL

Fibre Hygrostat RFHSS

The RFHSS, plastic fibre hygrostat is an advanced control device for the protection of general equipment enclosures. It is compact, easy to install and simple to operate. The onboard sensor monitors any changes in the relative humidity on installed enclosure, and can be used to turn on a humidity control device (e.g. a heater) or other signaling or dehumidifying device at the desired set point. Setting accuracy is further improved by using a dented position knob, pre-set in 5% increments, for ease of set up. A wide input voltage range allows for flexibility of supply voltage systems.


  • Setting ranges 40…90% RH

  • Switching Differential 5% RH

  • 3-pole terminal, AWG 20-14 (0.5 – 2.5mm2) screw type

  • Molded in mounting for 35mm EN 60715 compliant DIN rail.

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