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Dual Bimetal Thermostat RDBSM

  • Bimetal Thermostats for controlling heating and cooling systems with adjustable switching temperature
  • Available as normally closed (NC) version for regulating a heater and normally open (NO) version for regulating a cooling device
  • NC – Contact opens (breaks) on temperature rise, Red Knob
    NO – Contact closes (makes) on temperature rise, Blue Knob
  • Voltage 100 – 240V
  • Approvals: UL Listed, CE, UKCA

Dual Bimetal Thermostat RDBSM

The RDBSM series thermostats are adjustable snap action bimetal type control devices. They are compact with modern features. Screwless (push in) terminals allow speedy and reliable assembly (traditional screw terminal version is also available). The built-in DIN clip provides robust mounting.


  • Setting ranges 0 … 60°C

  • Hysteresis 7K ±5K

  • 4-pole terminal, AWG 20-14 screw or screwless type

  • Molded in mounting for 35mm EN 60715 compliant DIN rail

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