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Nimbus NG > 100W

  • Most powerful PTC Convection Heater for moisture and frost protection in electrical cabinets & enclosures

  • Power 100 – 240W

  • Multi-voltage capability at 110 – 240V

  • High safety and energy efficiency thanks to the PTC effect

  • Worldwide approvals: CE, VDE, UL, CSA

Nimbus NG > 100W

PTC Convection Heaters of the Nimbus NG series are powerful air heaters for all kinds of electrical housings. They consist of a PTC heating element pressed into an aluminum profile, equipped with a terminal block and an optional touch protection. The convection heater is characterized by its extremely high performance combined with its low weight and compact design. The aluminum profile has been designed for optimal heat transfer through chimney effect and allows the heater to achieve up to 240W of heating power without any fan. Nimbus NG features a DIN clip with thermal insulation to the DIN rail, as well as a terminal block which allows for easy and space-saving integration into the customer application. PTC convection heaters are particularly often used in control cabinets, where they protect electronic components from moisture and frost.

Nimbus NG > 100W is available in five different power versions from 100W to 240W. The heaters with long aluminum profile are suitable for a voltage range of 110 – 240V AC or DC (multi-voltage capable). The 240W version consists of two aluminum profiles for maximum power.

PTC Convection Heaters come with all advantages of the PTC heating technology. Thanks to the PTC effect, the heating elements dynamically adjust their power without exceeding a maximum temperature. High operational reliability and energy efficiency without any additional switching elements.


  • Power from 100W to 240W

  • Multi-voltage capability in the range of 110 – 240V AC or DC

  • Power increase up to 240W with second aluminum profile

  • Anodized aluminum profile

  • Thermal insulation from DIN rail

  • Easy installation thanks to DIN clip and terminal block

  • Optional touch protection

  • Operation down to -40°C

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