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Typhoon EC80

  • 80mm axial fan PTC heating element
  • Light weight high temperature plastic inner housing
  • Protective steel outer housing and combined mounting bracket
  • EC fan
  • Screwless terminals

Typhoon EC80

The Typhoon EC80 is an ultra compact fan heater making use of our latest PTC heating technology. The design employs our latest construction and manufacturing technology to achieve the optimum material usage delivering exceptional performance, functionality and quality. The design allows easy seperation of materials for future recycling.


  • Power options 400W up to 800W (+5/-10% 230V 10°C)

  • Voltage options 100 – 120VAC or 220 -240VAC (heating element)

  • Airflow 68 m³/hr (40 CFM)

  • Steel outer housing

  • Optional DIN clip for a 35mm EN 60715 compliant DIN rail

  • Built in mounting bracket


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